Separation and divorce most often involve seismic shifts in the lives of the parties and their children. The issues which confront nearly everyone undergoing this life-changing event can feel so overwhelming that spouses and children may get caught in an emotional and financial vortex. Sharon K. Lieblich’s passion as a family lawyer is to guide people through the process of separation, divorce, annulment, custody, support, and division of property and debt issues while helping them avoid “worst case” scenarios. Matters involving the dissolution of a marriage require an understanding of the perspectives of both spouses and often, their attorney’s as well. Ms. Lieblich uses her years of experience in the practice of all aspects of family law, her compassion for the parties and, especially, their children, to assist her clients in the myriad legal issues usually encountered in a separation and divorce process. She believes that learning as much as possible about the family dynamics, as they developed over the course of a marriage or relationship, helps both parties bring closure to their marriage and find ways, short of litigation, to resolve their issues. She takes pride in reaching favorable outcomes in court as well as helping to craft creative settlements; often the most appropriate and creative settlement terms are unavailable to a Court but can be achieved by private agreement. Recognizing that some cases cannot be successfully resolved between the parties, Ms. Lieblich has appeared in trial courts throughout Northern Virginia, handled appellate cases before the Court of Appeals in Virginia, and lectured extensively before her peers on various family topics.

She is the founder of the Fairfax Circuit Court’s highly successful conciliation program and has helped other Virginia jurisdictions as well as courts outside the Commonwealth of Virginia adopt that program. As a local conciliator and mediator, she has assisted countless litigants and their attorneys in finding unique solutions to the entire gamut of family law issues. She also encourages people to plan for everyday challenges of establishing and maintaining healthy marriages and enjoys preparing pre-marital and marital agreements.

Whether a client is seeking advice and representation to formulate an ante-nuptial or marital agreement; defend or initiate a separation or divorce; secure or defend issues of custody, shared custody or visitation; define and obtain, or provide for temporary or permanent spousal and/or child support; identify, locate, trace, and apportion marital and separate assets and debts of a marriage; moving to modify, enforce, or defend against charges of noncompliance with a settlement agreement or a court order, Ms. Lieblich has probably handled a similar issue multiple times and will handle your case professionally and efficiently.